7 Key Benefits of Starting a Blog for Your Small Business!



In the digital age, starting a blog can be a game-changer for small businesses, as evidenced by the insights from seven founders and CEOs. From a blog’s traffic-driving power to the customer engagement benefits of blogging, these entrepreneurs share how a blog has propelled their business forward.


  • Driving Traffic and Sales
  • Optimizing for Brand Visibility
  • Enhancing Online Credibility
  • Finding SEO Value Through Targeted Articles
  • Building a Loyal Customer Base
  • Establishing Industry Authority
  • Boosting Customer Engagement


Driving Traffic and Sales

I run a food business. In our case, the blog posts are recipes. They are key.


First of all, it gains us traffic from users who probably aren’t looking for our products but who found the recipe online; this increases our brand awareness.


Secondly, it strengthens our own domain, which makes it easier to find through Google searches.


Finally, it increases the usability of our products, which means that they are used more often, which hopefully leads to more frequent purchases from recurring customers.


Behrang Bandali, Founder, Freaky Sauces


Optimizing Brand Visibility

Starting a blog can be an excellent way to increase brand visibility, but only if done well. When choosing a post to write, use tools such as “Answer the Public” and “Google Keyword Planner” to find content that individuals are actively searching the internet for, and then answer their questions within your blog post. 


For example, I specialize in the entertainment industry and actors. After researching, I wrote a post on the best casting websites for actors. Once drafted, I went through adding popular keywords and phrases, and now this post ranks for over 100 keywords, with featured snippets and thumbnails. This one post has actively increased my brand visibility and means I can now more easily rank for newer keywords with every new blog post I write.


Emily Maguire, Career Consultant and Managing Director, Reflections Career Coaching


Enhancing Online Credibility

Starting a blog has significantly enhanced our online visibility and credibility. A regularly updated blog allows the business to showcase its expertise, industry knowledge, and unique offerings.


We found that creating valuable, relevant content improved our brand image. It gave us a steady stream of content for social media platforms, boosting our online presence. With enough time, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field, building trust with potential customers.


In its essence, a blog is a platform to share insights, tips, and updates. That helps you attract a wider audience through search engine optimization (SEO). Increased website traffic, driven by blog content, can lead to higher conversion rates.


Perry Zheng, Founder and CEO, Pallas


Finding SEO Value Through Targeted Articles

Blogging is a great tool for building SEO value. The articles we wrote over the past six years are beginning to show up in search results, driving traffic to our site on topics that are relevant to our business. To make this work for your business, identify the phrases you want to rank for and start writing about those topics.


Robert Brill, CEO, Brill Media


Building a Loyal Customer Base

Starting a blog significantly boosted the online visibility of my small business. I focused on creating high-quality content that addressed the needs and pain points of my target audience. This not only established our business as an authority in our industry but also drove organic traffic to our website—we saw an increase of 60% in website traffic within the first six months.


Additionally, by keeping an eye on trending and seasonal topics, we created blog posts that received high levels of engagement and shares on our social media channels. A perfect example is a festive special blog post we put out during the holiday season, which attracted over 1,000 unique visitors in just one day!


We also made sure to regularly update and refresh content to keep it relevant for our audience. Over time, our blog became a trusted source of information and helped build customer loyalty and trust, contributing to a 30% increase in customer retention over a year. For any small business, starting a blog can be a highly cost-effective method to market your brand and connect with your customers.


Matthew Montez, Founder, The MBC Group


Establishing Industry Authority

Starting a blog significantly benefited my small business by establishing us as industry authorities and boosting organic traffic. Rather than solely focusing on promoting products or services, the blog became a platform for sharing valuable insights and expertise related to our niche. This positioned us as thought leaders and enhanced our target audience’s credibility. 


The blog’s content addressed common pain points, providing solutions and building trust with potential customers. Over time, consistently creating quality content improved our website’s search engine ranking, leading to a notable increase in organic traffic. This not-so-obvious benefit of the blog not only expanded our online presence but also contributed to a steady influx of qualified leads, making it a valuable asset for the overall growth of the business.


Dhari Alabdulhadi, CTO and Founder, Ubuy Kuwait


Boosting Customer Engagement

Starting a blog for my small business was a game-changer. The primary benefit was the boost in SEO, as blogging made my online store more visible on search engines. By regularly posting relevant and engaging content, I saw a significant increase in organic traffic to my store, accounting for up to 35% of total traffic and translating into increased revenue.


Moreover, the blog created an avenue for involving and engaging my audience—this interaction boosted customer loyalty and retention rates. It also gave me the opportunity to monetize my niche knowledge through affiliated products and exclusive content for subscribers.


Lastly, utilizing Shopify’s in-built blogging engine meant that I could handle everything from one platform—significantly simplifying my workflows and tasks. Overall, the blog escalated my brand’s awareness, customer engagement, traffic, and revenue, making it a crucial part of my business strategy.


Steve Pogson, Founder, First Pier


Md Nazrul Islam (aka SocialMusker) is the founder of MUSKLY, an award-winning Content Marketing & SEO-centric DigitalPR company focused on SaaS tech. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from Content Marketing & organic SEO strategies.

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