10 Types of Content to Focus on Creating for Content Marketing in 2024!


As we gear up for 2023 and 2024 is very close, we asked ten professionals, including SEO directors and CEOs, about the type of content marketing teams should focus on. From building “Facts and Statistics” pages to prioritizing short-form and live videos, discover the top ten types of content these experts believe will make a significant impact in the coming year.


  • Build “Facts and Statistics” Pages
  • Focus on Successful Past Content 
  • Engage Users with Interactive Content
  • Use Explainer Videos 
  • Highlight Unique Company Data Points
  • Target Bottom-of-the-Funnel Key Phrases
  • Create Engaging Web Stories
  • Address Customer Pain Points and Provide a UVP
  • Produce Highly Shareable Content
  • Prioritize Short-Form and Live Videos


Build “Facts and Statistics” Pages

Creating a “facts and statistics” page related to your industry is a type of content I suggest for this year. For instance, in the water and fire damage restoration industry, a blog was written highlighting Ohio water damage statistics.


This type of page not only builds brand credibility, but also helps in building backlinks to your website. To build organic backlinks to this page, attempts are being made to rank for terms like “water damage statistics” or “Ohio water damage stats”. The ultimate goal is to have other websites link to this page as a resource.


Maureen Darrah, SEO Director, Sixth City Marketing


Focus on Successful Past Content

The content strategy for the coming year needs to be based on what worked for the company in the previous year. If you can pinpoint the content that generated the most revenue, you will want to focus on creating more of that kind of content. If you struggled to generate revenue with any one kind of content, you may want to experiment with different content in 2023.


Matthew Ramirez, Co-Founder, USMLE Test Prep


Engage Users with Interactive Content

Marketing teams should focus on creating interactive content in 2023 and 2024. Interactive marketing integrates games, quizzes, polls, and calculators into online content, captivating and engaging users on a deeper level. 


Whether through branded online games or social media quizzes with influencers, this strategy enhances audience interaction. By producing high-quality, relevant content, marketers can maximize success. 


To optimize results, test various elements through A/B testing to identify what drives increased website traffic and aligns with specific goals. Embrace interactive marketing to elevate engagement and connection with your audience this year.


Matias Rodsevich, CEO, PRLab


Use Explainer Videos 

Explainer videos have proven to be highly effective in conveying information and engaging audiences. According to a study by HubSpot, 72% of customers prefer to learn about a product or service through video rather than text-based content.


The same HubSpot study found that including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. This indicates that explainer videos not only capture attention but also drive action, which is crucial for marketing success.


We can use explainer video content in every industry and for every use case.


In 2023 and coming 2024, as digital marketing continues to evolve and consumers become more selective with their attention, explainer videos offer a compelling way to deliver messages effectively and stand out in a crowded online landscape.


Andre Oentoro, Founder, Breadnbeyond


Highlight Unique Company Data Points

As a content marketer, I do extensive research and writing for my clients and notice that many of the same tired stats and data points crop up in articles. While they’re factual and relevant, sharing the same handful of stats doesn’t help my clients’ content stand out. 


Marketers are always on the hunt for the latest data to support their insights, and there’s no better place to start than with your own. With more companies implementing data tools, marketers can use what’s already at their fingertips to highlight important points. This not only adds a unique element to your content, but also makes it “linkable” for others.


Alli Hill, Founder and Director, Fleurish Freelance


Target Bottom-of-the-Funnel Key Phrases

The type of content you should focus on in 2023 and for next 2024 to get the most marketing bang for your buck is content that targets bottom-of-the-funnel key phrases in Google. This means you are building content that will target key phrases that will bring traffic to your website that is ready to buy now. 


Bottom-of-the-funnel keywords typically have lower search volume, but because of this, they are easier to rank for and have much higher conversion rates. Bottom-of-the-funnel keywords are searches where there is buyer intent.


For example, a person searching for the “best acne cream” is much more likely to buy than the person who searches “how to get rid of acne.” If someone is searching for the best cream, they have already decided that a good acne cream will solve their acne problem and just want to find the best cream so they can purchase it. 


Building content around bottom-of-the-funnel key phrases will increase conversions and sales on your site, regardless of your industry.


Adam White, Founder, SquidVision


Create Engaging Web Stories

Since people love watching visual content, web stories are one of the most effective marketing techniques for text-based platforms.


The web story is visually engaging and mobile-friendly. It is presented in a full-screen, vertical format. Marketing teams should focus on creating web stories in 2023, as this is not an old marketing technique.


You can attract an audience with the help of visual elements like images, graphics, animations, and short videos. Eliciting emotion is crucial to engage audiences, and a web story does it very well.


Since web stories are designed to be mobile-friendly, you can target a wider audience who use mobile devices. A web story is optimized for viewing on smartphones and tablets.


Your audience will not feel like it is spending more time on a web story because it is in a bite-sized format to be consumed in a short amount of time.


Saikat Ghosh, Associate Director of HR and Business, Technource


Address Customer Pain Points and Provide a UVP

In the evolving digital marketing landscape of 2023 and the upcoming 2024, one type of content that marketing teams should prioritize is pain-point resolution. This type of content addresses the problems or “pain points” that their target customers face, providing valuable solutions. Customers are always looking for products or services that solve their problems. By focusing on pain-point resolution, brands can show their understanding of customer needs, build trust, and establish themselves as a solution provider. 


Another crucial content to focus on is the Unique Value Proposition (UVP). The UVP showcases what sets a brand apart from its competitors. This content type can be a game-changer in driving customer preference and loyalty. 


Marketing teams, 2023 calls for content that solves and stands out!


Michael Lazar, Executive, ReadyCloud


Produce Highly Shareable Content

In 2023, marketing teams should prioritize creating highly shareable content, such as infographics, GIFs, and especially memes. Memes have gained popularity among Gen Z, and they share lots of memes. Marketing teams can create their own memes and also can combine viral memes with their content. This is how they can promote their brand among Gen Z, who are the majority of online audiences today.


David Bui, Director and Business Specialist, Schmicko


Prioritize Short-Form and Live Videos

In 2023 and 2024, the content that marketing teams should focus on is video, particularly short-form video content. With the continued rise of platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, as well as the increased consumption of video content across all age demographics, this format is a powerful way to engage audiences.


Short-form videos are often more digestible and shareable, appealing to the decreased attention spans of modern audiences. By incorporating visually stimulating content, storytelling, and a clear call to action, businesses can effectively capture interest and drive engagement.


Additionally, live video streaming can offer a more authentic and real-time connection with audiences, allowing for immediate feedback and interaction. Live content can be used for Q&A sessions, product launches, behind-the-scenes looks, and more.


Gabriel Kaam, CEO, KNR Agency

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